Friday, September 28, 2007

Daycare report

I just picked up a happy boy at daycare. The end of week 3, and I think we're definitely staying. They give us a daily report, and here's what today's said (I promise not to make a practice of this):

"Nate calmed down quickly this AM and chose some music to listen to. He spent some one-on-one time with Ms. Roz reading and listening to music. Nate seemed to have a good time playing ball with Josephine and playing in the grass. After our return to classroom, he joined his peers at the sensory table washing dishes and filling / dumping soapy water. Nate seemed to have the best day ever today, very little crying/whining for Mom and Dad."

Wahoo! What a life, huh?

One nice thing about picking him up? He actually runs to me and very briefly hugs me. Today he hugged me and leaned on my legs for at least 5 seconds! I'll take my cuddles where I can get them.

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