Monday, September 24, 2007

Daycare update!

Nate seems to be doing really fine at daycare. We've progressed to having Stewart dropping him off now, which I find precious and wonderful - I love their relationship. I love that I'm not the only one NEEDED. I love watching Nate have a life outside of me.

I pick him up around 12:30, and they're usually finishing lunch. I lurk outside his classroom watching him eat, sitting so happily at the little table with the little chairs and the other little kids. Then they each bring their plates to the trash can, and then wash their hands, and then the teachers help them brush their teeth and go potty / get changed. I usually step into the room when he's in the potty area since he can't see me there (when he sees me, he won't listen to the teachers anymore). Right about potty time, I hear him ask for Daddy and Mama. When he comes out of the room, he smiles and runs to me and hugs me. It's wonderful, wonderful.

The teacher today said that Nate KNOWS he's getting picked up after tooth-brushing, and that it had been the first time all day he'd asked for us. No crying, no problems.

I can't tell you how much I love seeing him have a life outside of us. It makes me feel so peaceful and happy. And the long nap he takes when he gets home? Makes me feel gleeful and free.

Cost of 3 days a week of daycare in DC: $1,000 / month
Cost of medications to treat daycare colds: $40 / month
Feeling peaceful and happy and gleeful and free: Pricless

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