Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It finally happened: I lost Nate in a public place today. Went to playgroup at the Air and Space Museum and had a little private story-time. It was our first story-time, since Nate's not much for sitting still or talking quietly, and our last for quite some time. Nate didn't do so well on the sitting still or talking quietly front.

After story-time, we let the kids run around and go in and out of a plane. There's only one other woman with 2 kids there, so the other Moms can keep an eye on their kid while they talk. I thought I could, too. I knew exactly where Nate was, I looked down to tend to Jack for just a second, and Nate was gone. I waited a minute to see if he was just around the back of a display, and when he didn't appear I went into action. Another Mom watched Jack, and I ran around checking all the areas where Nate had been. Nowhere. I finally alerted the other Moms, and 3 or 4 of them fanned out looking. After just another minute, one of the Moms came around the corner with a security guard holding Nate's hand.

I was so glad to see him that I didn't remember to thank the security guard or to find out where she'd found him. The other Mom of 2 (boys) made sure to come over and tell me that it had happened to her a million times. Everyone was considerate and kind and non-judgmental. I've lucked into another nice playgroup.

Well, it had to happen. At least he was back with me pretty quickly. Phew.

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