Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sleep update

So Jack's been a horrible sleeper, right from the start. He understands night is for sleeping, and only wakes to eat, but he wakes up 4-5 times a night. Four nights ago he was up every hour and a half, on the dots.

This past weekend, we had a ton of fun social stuff to do. We stayed at a party until 11:30 pm one night, and 11 the next. Jack dozed, but never slept well. When we got home and I put him down to bed, he slept 6 hours straight each night. Fabulous, but not repeatable in my opinion - I didn't have any interest in keeping him up all evening just to get a little extra sleep!

But guess what? The next night I put him down at his normal 7:45 and he slept for eight straight hours. Last night? Seven hours. It's almost like by exhausting him and forcing him into a longer stretch of sleep, his brain re-wired to sleep for longer stretches. I'm absolutely thrilled about the sleep, and also about "inventing" a new system of sleep training! :)

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