Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All grown up

Our infant is now officially a baby.

1) At his four-month checkup today, the pediatrician asked if Jack was reaching for toys. I said that other than yesterday when he sorta seemed to reach for something, he wasn't. She actually seemed really concerned, and asked me a lot of questions about how much time I spend showing him toys (lots), how much time he spends on his back (lots), and how much time he gets on the floor (lots). So she puts him on the table and takes the toy I usually dangle above him on the floor, in the carseat...I would dangle that toy here, I would dangle that toy there, I would dangle that toy everywhere! Jack does his excited startle with his arms out to the side and stares intently at it, as he always does with me. When I dangle the toys. A lot.

So he's staring and she's dangling, and just when I start to say "See? He really doesn't..." Jack reaches up with both hands and grabs the heck out of it. Then he did it again. Nice.

2) He's been cut-off from Pampers Swaddlers and he's in the Target brand diapers.

Next he'll be insulting my music and piercing his nose.

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