Monday, March 31, 2008

Days of firsts

It's very clear to me that I have very talented, wonderful boys.

Yesterday Jack found his toes, and by grabbing at them also learned to roll all the way onto his side. I find it absolutely gorgeously adorable. Nate just never did the super-cute "baby" stuff - cooing, baby-laughs, or grabbing his toes, so I'm really enjoying this.

Nate has started helping me out in the kitchen a lot. When he sees me in there, he asks "What are you doing, Mama?" and when I tell him I'm cooking he says "I want to watch you!" He runs into the kitchen, sets up his step-stool, and clambers up to the counter. I've been making sure to dice and chop a lot of ingredients on Sundays, so Nate helps me put things in bowls, spoon things out of jars, and stir. Tonight I was making salads, and Nate was watching me peel the hard-boiled eggs. He suddenly says "You're peeling good, Mama!" My first compliment from my sweet boy.

And just for bragging's sake, here was Nate's snack and dinner today:

Snack: red pepper strips, cucumber slices, and strawberries
Dinner: bibb lettuce with chopped egg, mandarin oranges, grape tomatoes, and shrimp on top. And he used a fork for every bite.

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