Friday, March 13, 2009


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Gretchen from Notes from the CocktailMoms and her sweet son Zane. The boys are almost exactly the same age and I think they got along well; I don't really remember because I spent most of the time babbling at Gretchen.

She's everything I want to be when I grow up: gentle, practical, idealistic, and, crucially, clean: she's definitely showered and changed her clothes recently. Cute clothes. Most importantly she's truly creative. The gift and craft ideas on her blog blow me away with their cuteness and practicality all combined up.

I love doing creative things, but I lack any creativity to come up with the projects in the first place. Anything fun or witty I've cooked or created I found trolling around on the internet or in cookbooks.

A perfect example is the rainbow jello I finally got a chance to make:

I totally stole it from here. I love making things happen, I just never have a single idea about WHAT to make happen.

So if you see any projects or crafts or recipes you think might be up my alley, point them out to me! I'm always on the prowl for something fun to do.

And definitely check out Gretchen's blog and her store. You'll be impressed. target=blank


Cent With Love said...

So, so cool!!! I love it and need to make this. C keeps pulling jello boxes from the cabinets and asking for it.

Hey, I need your address to send your Envirosax. Send it along when you have a chance (I would have just emailed you but I'm on my laptop and too lazy to go to my computer with your email address on it ;) )

Gretchen said...

thanks for the shout out! Let's get together soon. We have spring break soon, I'll email you the dates and see if you guys can come play.