Monday, March 30, 2009

Jack update

A short Jack update:

Not too much movement on the talking front. My Mom swears he said "leaf" four times yesterday, and he may have said "hi" a few times last week. Today he ran up to me with a plastic crocdile and said "rrrrrrrrr" in his low little growl. That's definitely something.

DC Department of Disability is sending an occupational therapist and a speech pathologist out for an assessment on Friday, and we have a similar appointment at Children's Hospital on April 22nd. I'll see what they have to say - an outside perspective would definitely help me figure out what's what.

He's been entirely weaned off of the bottle onto the sippy cup and his Highness accepts non-microwaved cold milk without sobbing anymore. He's walking quickly enough that it's almost running and still finds great delight in crawling up and down any sets of stairs. He's sleeping through the night almost regularly - last night he went straight from 8 to 7:45 am. I slept like a rock.

Other than that, he's still awfully cute and sweet and I adore him immensely. Obviously.

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