Friday, March 20, 2009

Grocery trip today

A fun, easy trip to Giant today. I've instituted a new "sanity policy" in my life and I just can't put as much effort into the details of the trips, so no photos and no specific breakdown. It was nice to shop only one store this week - they had everything I wanted and needed, so no Safeway, Harris Teeter, or Shoppers Food Warehouse for me. It's very sad when you're relieved that the inserts don't show any great deals coming up - less pressure to take advantage of them!

Total before Bonus Card and coupons: $295 and change
Total after Bonus Card and coupons: $122 and change

It's nice to provide healthy, sometimes organic, food for my family and get such huge savings at the same time. I bought veggies, strawberries, a watermelon, organic soymilk, organic frozen waffles, soup, and tons of other good stuff. I also got another 15 boxes of Electrasol / Finish dishwasher detergent with the expired $2.50/off coupons - the boxes were on sale for $3.50, so a net cost of a buck a box! I don't think we'll need dishwasher detergent for at least two years. Seriously.

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