Monday, June 13, 2005

Nursery in progress!

Stewart gallantly painted the nursery last weekend, and today installed our closet organizer and put up the curtain. It's really coming together! As soon as the crib is in, and some shelves, I'll take some photos and post 'em.

Baby is still moving around, but less than before. This certainly means that he's a really calm, well-behaved baby. I just know it.

I had an epiphany today: I might actually enjoy the time home with the baby! It might not be all hell! Amidst all of the horror stories about no sleep, and crying all the time, and sore nipples, and all of the poop, it just hadn't occurred to me that some of it might be nice.

I had my first La Leche League meeting. These are the folks affectionately called the "breastfeeding nazis". I was very, very prepared to "fight the power" and stand up for myself, but the truth is that the people at my meeting were really nice, and understanding, and helpful. We talked a lot about the best ways to keep up the milk supply, and also about avoiding food allergies in babies. I think my plan is to avoid dairy, citrus, eggs, and all nuts for his first year. Everything else is a-okay.

I have my shower in about a month. I can't wait! Most of my favorite people in one place, all making fun of me and my enormous girth. Who wouldn't love it! I hope I remember, sitting there surrounded by family and friends again, to soak in all of the love, and to do everything I can to make sure the baby feels it. We're really blessed.

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