Monday, June 27, 2005

Star Wars?!?!

Okay, either the baby loves Star Wars, or he hates it. Please, please let him hate it. Please don't let him be a trekkie nerd. Or a Renaissance nerd. Or a gaming nerd. I can deal with a science nerd if I have to, 'cause smart is sexy to some women. But if the day comes when my son tucks his jeans into his combat boots and pulls the hair off of his face to go to any kind of Convention (Rocky Horror, Star Trek, etc.), I will intervene. I will be forcible. I will rescue my child from himself.

So we saw Star Wars Sith movie last night, as you might have assumed, and Horatio kicked and squirmed and shuddered around the whole time. In retrospect, it was a pretty loud movie, and that's probably what he was responding to. Movie was fine, but what the heck was Samuel L. Jackson doing in that movie? He was purely awful. Nice character development on Darth Vader, though.

Since it was the one-year anniversary, we treated ourselves to dinner afterwards! Stewart was very nice, but failed miserably on the "planning something special for our anniversary" quotient. Someone help him do better next year, okay?!

Also, we'll now also be referring to the baby as Huckleberry. Cute, huh?

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Bess said...

Um, exactly what is *wrong* with Star Trek, pray tell? Says the woman who was wearing her Spock ears when she met her husband at a Star Trek convention, fer cryin' out loud.

Trek Rules! Vader drools!