Sunday, January 1, 2006

Forces of evil

When the doctors ask why I've lost my eyesight, I will answer thusly:

"They scared me about SIDS."

I'm letting Nate sleep on his stomach for the first time, right now, as I'm typing this.

Yes, I said it. Yes, I did it. He's sleeping on his stomach. Come and get me! Burn me at the stake!

He's been taking these crappy 30 minute naps, and we're both frazzled. So since he's almost 4 months old, can somewhat turn over, and is strong as a horse, I'm letting him sleep on his stomach.

Big talk, huh? Of course, I'm hunched over his video baby monitor, squinting at the stupid grainy screen, watching his chest move. But still. I'm making progress. And he's sleeping!

1 comment:

Slacker Mom said...

Don't worry about it. I let my son sleep on his belly too for naps, except he was only 2 months old, I think. Or he may have been younger than that.He napped in the kitchen where I could keep an eye on him.

The way I look at it; you are the Mom, the final decision is yours, and no one knows your baby the way you do.

Happy New Year.