Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Four-month update

I'm too tired to be witty. Straight-up stats:

My boy weighed in at 16 pounds, 3 ounces today, and he's 26 inches tall. That puts him at 75th percentile for weight (down from 90th at his 2-month checkup), and 75th - 90th for height (same as his 2-month checkup). So he may be average, and he may be tall, but I'd be surprised if he was short.

Doc says his eyes will might turn green, but they probably won't ever turn brown. I like that.

He took his four shots like a champ, just like at his 2-month appointment. Cried, then I nursed him, and he was back to normal. He's sleeping more than usual tonight, which I hear is normal, but that's the only real side-effect.

And while it looks like he has the Davis height, he's got the Wagner appetite: he had his first rice-cereal tonight, and he downed it. By the end of the small portion, he was actually opening his mouth for more whenever the spoon got near him.

AND he took a bottle today. Like a champ. Like he hadn't been acting like it was burning acid we were trying to pour into his throat for the past three months. Geesh.

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