Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Right before our eyes

Nate is changing every time I look at him. His face is turning older, and he's doing something new every day. I'm going to have Stewart take a bunch of photos and video this weekend to catch what's left of my little baby!

He plays with is toes all the time now. He is CONSTANTLY pulling whatever's in his hand into his mouth. He eats lunch and dinner - carrots are his favorite. He stays awake in the stroller now, for quite some time.

He really studies the world. When new people are around, or we're in a new place, he furrows up his brow and really stares for a long time. It's a little embarassing when people are trying to get him to smile at them, but he does things in his own time.

He's still loving his mobile - I can park him there for 10 minutes and he just grins up at it the whole time.

It's actually a little hard to play with him right now - the only thing he's interested in is shoving everything into his mouth.

We're taking our first plane trip this weekend to visit Stewart's sisters and their families. Much cooing will ensue, I think.

Last night, Nate slept for the first time in MONTHS. 7:30 to 2:30 - 7 hours. I'm not holding my breath for tonight, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. He's starting to nap for longer, too - sometimes up to an hour.

Boy, this is dull. I'll get my humor back after a few more nights of sleep, I promise.

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