Monday, August 28, 2006

Our moment of zen

About a week ago, Nate and I were playing in the basement. He has two bouncy balls - a football and a soccer ball and lately he loves to play catch with them. He went to pick up the soccer ball to throw it to me and out of the corner of his eye he noticed the football. He carried the soccer ball over and tried to pick up the football - no dice. Each time he picked up one, the other squirted out of his arms.

I had a moment, watching him, where I was talking to him in my mind: "You only need one, Nate. Please don't want both - you can't have both!" I can do a lot for Nate, but I can't do too much to change who he is deep down. And deep down, he's either going to be okay with only having one toy, or he's going to want to have them all. And however he is, it will make so much of a difference in his life. Please be happy with what you have, Nate. You have so much. This is my deep wish, for him and for us. We have so much.

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