Friday, August 11, 2006


I think we're in really big trouble. He may be smarter than both of us, and he's certainly stronger. As soon as he figures that out, game OVER.

Nate has a little hairbrush that came in a kit we were given. Since he was mostly bald until a few months ago, it hasn't gotten much use. Except that it has a nice rubbery handle, and Nate loves to chew on it. Who doesn't like to chew on rubbery bristly things, right?

Now his hair is getting a little long, so I have used the brush 2 or 3 times after his bath. He smiles this really sweet smile while I brush his hair, and looks shyly upwards (this may portend an issue of a whole different sort, but we'll deal with that later). Anyway, tonight I gave it to him to chew on after I brushed his hair, and we went downstairs to make up a bottle. I put him down to toddle around, and as I'm shaking the bottle I glance over my shoulder to make sure he hasn't fallen down the stairs or stabbed himself with something, and I see him staggering around brushing his own hair.


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