Saturday, August 19, 2006

Two milestones in one!

Two milestones in two days.

Yesterday (August 18th), I went in to get him from a nap. When he wakes up in a good mood, we play around for a while - he in his crib, and me on the floor. Peekaboo is a favorite, and singing. We have also started playing catch - I lay on the floor and toss a stuffed animal into the crib, he retrieves it and flings it down to me. We were playing with a duck yesterday, and before I'd toss it to him I'd say "duck, duck!" He looked right at it and said "Duh." Now I know it sounds like a regular baby noise, but his D sounds are always "Da da da da." This was a distinct "duh" and I know for sure it was him saying "duck." So he hath spoken, and the good word is "duck."

And today he got his first fat lip.

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