Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My favorite days

It's rare in life when something very selfish collides with something selfless and works together. Daycare is that for us.

I can't explain how much joy it brings me to watch Nate and Stewart playing their silly games and getting on the bike to go to "school." Nate yells "Bye bye Mama!" all the way down the street, looking back at me and smiling. Teachers says he's doing great at school - having fun, camping it up, being himself.

As soon as he leaves, I come inside and get myself set. Today I took a longer-than-normal shower that actually involved a razor. I get my task list together, and start plugging slowly away. I make un-interrupted phone calls.

And when The Turkey arrives, I'll be able to sit on the couch and sing to him, like I got to do with Nate.

Everyone wins. Very rare. Very grateful.


Anonymous said...

Oh is the best. I'm thinking about pulling Kyla out at Christmas and then I'm wondering how I'll do it without my "me" time. So I'm recruiting a friend for a kid swap so we'll each have our own time.
I'm glad you are loving it...and you will love it even more once your Turkey gets here. Which is sooooo close now!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

I wish I could sing (well).

I am thinking more and more about this daycare thing. I am so glad it works for you.

I cannot believe how close you are! Nate is such an adorable little guy!

I have lots of Ebay questions to ask when I get my questions all together. I will have to ask for your sage advice soon! :)