Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nate's big boy room!

These photos stink, but they're the best I could do with the low light. As soon as I get some better ones, I'll take these down and put up new ones.

We call this room "Ode to Ikea". First four photos are taken from the doorway, left to right.

The frames here are mostly empty. My intention is to fill them up with his artwork as he creates his work of genius. Since I took the photo, I've filled up 4 more with beautiful watercolors!

Here's a shot from inside the room, back towards the doorway, of his desk and photo array:

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Amy & Reese said...

So cute! We miss our Ikea trips- it would have been fun to help with the amazing transformation. I bet big boy Nate will be very happy in his new digs.