Monday, October 8, 2007

Stupid genetics

I've been feeling really small with this pregnancy, to the point of worrying a bit. I told my OB at my last appointment, and he said "I think you're the first woman EVER who thought their second pregnancy was smaller than their first." Usually the first pregnancy stretches you out so much that you just balloon right up with the second.

So he reassured me, and measured me, and said I was even slightly big. No worries.

Went in for my 33 week check today, and had no complaints. Got measured, got reassured, and she shared that I'm actually measuring 37 weeks. 37 weeks. At 33 weeks. Another crazy-big baby is on their way! I guess I get to have my c-section for sure, now, at least.

Stupid genetics. Stupid husband who was a big baby. Stupid mutant genes.

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