Saturday, June 7, 2008

An auspicious (poopy) beginning

I've been letting the boy run pantsless every afternoon and he's peed in the potty several times without any prompting. He's waking up dry, and likes watching everyone go potty. Plus I keep confusing Nate's Target-brand diapers with Jack's Target-brand diapers (Target keeps the prices low low low by saving the ink that it would take to put a "3" or a "5" to indicate the sizes.) I decided enough was enough with the diapers.

Ooh, Diego underpants!

We started the formal potty training today. I decided to keep him pantsless for two days, then underpants for two days, and then we'll venture into pants territory. I took him out of school for next week and we're going to hunker down at home for at least 5 days - I'm trying to set him up to succeed.

And he really is succeeding. We're only through our first morning and he hasn't had any accidents - he's used the potty, without any prompting, four times (three pees and a poop). The poop was especially impressive since he was playing in the basement - he came running up the stairs yelling "The poop is coming! The poop is coming!"

He's like a little Paul Revere.

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Stephanie said...

Paul Revere! That made me laugh outloud!!