Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meal plan - week of June 2

It's gotten hot here, so I think it's time to work some cooler meals into the mix. Tonight we'll have the Tofu Parmigiana - I prepped the tofu yesterday but we ended up going out for BBQ and eating our weight in ribs. Leftovers for lunch today Yum.

So, in no particular order, our dinners for this week:

* Shrimp summer rolls (Stewart loves these) I do my own version with shrimp, chives, cilantro, and a peanut dipping sauce. They're a little complicated to make, so it'll definitely be a "after the kids are in bed" dinner

* Soba Salad with Tofu

* Roasted Corn, Black Bean, and Mango Salad

I think we'll have leftovers from at least one of those meals, plus the nice weather is encouraging us to eat out in our local restaurants. I'll just plan those 3 dinners and play the rest of them by ear.

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