Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reliving a weekend away

When I get frustrated at the kids, when I'm so tired I'm foggy, when I've wiped my 94th poopy butt, I'll have this weekend to look back and remember. I'm writing it all down so I can rehash and revel and rub it all in. 'Cause my kids may not sleep as well as yours do, they may be louder and more fidgety and less cuddly, but I got to get away from them for 48 straight hours. So ha.

Friday evening my parents came to take over and we skedaddled. Nate seemed sad, but Mom reports 5 minutes of whining and then complete distraction with the promise of a trip to the corner Chinese food shop. Loyal boy. We drove to Baltimore and checked into the Westin airport hotel. I took a very long shower that involved shaving (!), foot scrubbing (!), and lotion afterwards (!!!). Put on a coat of nail polish and headed downstairs for a nice dinner. Hanging out in the room and then bed at 11:30.

It was amazing: after dinner, I truly felt "Okay, time to go home!" It was shocking to realize we still had the rest of the night, the entire next day, and most of Sunday still to come. Shocking in a good, fantastic, fabulous way.

Woke up on my own at 7:15, but fell back asleep until the 8 am call. A lovely breakfast and then off to the airport. It was incredible to just head out with one little bag! Got 5 luxury magazines and a Coke (!!) with caffeine (!!!) and enjoyed all of the leisurely travel.

The wedding was beautiful and special, and I'm thrilled we were able to be there. We visited with some old friends from DC, and Stewart took beautiful pictures of the blushing bride and her new wife.

Left the reception at 7:30 and headed back to the airport. A middle seat was never so luxurious as when I had nobody else to be responsible for. Pure pleasure.

Bed at 2 am, and a sleep until 10. Breakfast downstairs, and then total apathy in the room for several hours. TV surfing, more toenail polish, a bit of a doze. Ice cream in Baltimore, and then home to my kiddos.

I opened the door, Nate saw me, smiled, and said "Where's Dada?" Lovely. Great. He was happy to see me, but nothing beat the happy of seeing Daddy. Jack gave me a few "welcome home" hair-pulls, and we were all back in business.

Thank goodness for my amazing parents. I didn't worry at all, and barely thought about home. They know my kids and love my kids and I knew they'd figure everything out. And they did.

We're doing this again in 6 months, no questions. It was great to be together, just us, without anyone else to be responsible for. It's great for my kids to be with my parents, and to know that we have a life outside of them. A little one, but a life nonetheless. And hopefully we didn't send my parents too much closer to their graves with the night-feeds and the spit-up.

Off to stare at my toes for a little while.

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