Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daily schedule part 2

In Act 2 of our play, Nate is out of school for part of the summer and Jack is a big(ger) boy. Here's how things are going:

Jack's up around 7, and Nate around 7:30. Stewart takes morning shift and lets me sleep as late as possible. Jack gets a bottle first thing, and then I give them both breakfast: Nate gets cereal w/milk and blueberries on the side. Jack gets diced up bananas and blueberries with Cheerios sprinkled all over. That boy can eat.

I try to pack our bags the night before for whatever we're doing, so after breakfast I get them sunscreened, dressed, and out the door. Poor Jack is generally forced to take his first nap on the road. Monday we went for a hike on Roosevelt Island, Tuesday we went for an errand walk all over town, Wednesday we met friends at Clemyjontri Park, and today we went to the Germantown Water Park. Gotta stay busy with these two. (If we're having a quiet morning at home, Jack naps from around 9 to 10:30.)

Shoot to get home around 12:30, making every effort to make sure nobody falls asleep in the stroller or the car. I'll do anything to keep from ruining nap time. Time for lunch if we didn't eat it on the road. Lunch is usually some combination of yogurt, string cheese, carrots & dip, sliced veggies, fruit, and nuts. Jack gets diced up soft stuff and Cheerios, as usual. Around 1 Nate gets to watch one TV show (or part of a movie), and Jack watches right along with him. Such is the life of a second child. Nate sits slack on the recliner, bumper in hand, and Jack likes to stand at the TV and slap his hand on the entertainment center.

Jack usually goes down a few minutes before Nate, around 1:30. Nate follows, and I'm free until 3 ish when Jack wakes up from his nap. Afternoons are for relaxing in the neighborhood, so I usually take this time to have some special time with Jack. Lots of kisses, singing, tickling, and thoroughly enjoying this delicious child.

Nate wakes up between 4 and 4:30, and it's snack time for everyone. Snack is usually a piece of fruit and nuts. Then we have a relaxing afternoon: we cook dinner, head to the playground, visit with Sophia, ride Nate's scooter around the neighborhood, or play games at home. Jack starts to get cranky around 5:30, but gets his second wind when Stewart gets home around 6.

I scamper upstairs to work on eBay, or head out to CVS. One of us puts Jack down after his bath around 7:15, and Nate gets plunked in front of the TV. If Stewart is boxing, I put Nate to bed after 2 stories around 8:15. If Stewart's home, Nate gets serenaded to bed with 15 stories and much giggling around 8:30.

The end.

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