Monday, August 11, 2008

I bought my son a Bratz doll

Details about the Bratz doll later in this fascinating post.

Jack had his first protein today (tiny tofu cubes). He shoved them down just fine, like he does with everything I put in front of him. Here's what he's been eating lately (cut into cubes, obviously):

  • sweet potato
  • Cheerios (of course)
  • grapes
  • tomatoes
  • blueberries
  • thin spaghetti
  • bananas
He's such a good eater; maybe even better than Nate was. I fixed him a tray last night and was absently talking to my Mom while I was holding him. I couldn't figure out why he was squirming so much and trying to dive out of my arms. Finally figured out that he was lunging for the tray of food that was sitting on the kitchen counter. Silly boy.

In terms of sleeping, our trip to New Hampshire was an utter disaster. We were back to newborn days when a 3-hour stretch seemed like a gift. Between bouts of sobbing I decided to sleep train him immediately on our return, no being soft.

On Saturday Nate and I went to Target and shopped for a doll for Jack. Since my hair is his ultimate comfort, I wanted to try to find him a stuffed animal or a doll with long hair to put in the crib with him. It was a long day; every soft doll had yarn hair, none of the stuffed animals had long enough fur, and the only thing I could find with really long hair was a huge head. Too creepy to put in the crib. We finally happened upon the Bratz dolls, and their hair was the best shot I could find (that picture's not the one I got him, but whatever). I pulled off her earings, her feet (choking hazard), and whatever else came off and stuck her in his hands every time he reached for my hair. I don't think he's in love yet, but it's definitely got potential.

I've been being strict about naps. Bottle downstairs, then walk him upstairs awake, give him the paci and the doll, and put him in the crib. If he cries I give him 5 minutes, go in, put the pack back in, doll back in his arms, and back out the door. First nap, no problem. Second nap, 6 tries.

Saturday night he actually slept right through until 5 am, which was my "I'm not giving him a bottle before this" time. Steeled myself for the official start of sleep-training on Sunday night, and I think he sensed it. He slept until 7:30 this morning. First time ever he officially slept through the entire night. Woke up babbling.

Cross your fingers that tonight's just as good. I'm trying to be strong, but it's hard.

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