Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack's Monthly Newsletter, Month Nine

Dear Jack,

I was 99% sure that you were 9 months old today, but I did have to do the math just to be sure. December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, are officially 9 months old today. Whew.

You are still an avid climber, scaling whatever you can find. Almost every time I stand at the counter doing dishes or cooking, I feel little warm hands on the backs of my calves and knees as you hoist yourself upwards. Every time I look at this photo, the song "Climb Every Mountain" starts running through my mind:

I truly love the feel of your soft hands on me all the time, continuously, all day long. Making it especially fun, your brother has decided to get in on the act. When you crawl, he crawls. When you sit on my lap, he sits on my lap. When you use my legs to hoist yourself up, he uses them at the same time, when I carry you somewhere, he wants to be carried on the other side. Double the pleasure, double the fun (for you guys, anyway). I do enjoy the change in your previously reticent brother, and I love your love, until right about 6 pm. Then I need a little space. A lot of space. And a drink. (A lot of drinks.)

Your experimentation with standing unassisted began in New Hampshire and really got going yesterday. We were sitting on the living room floor - you used my knees to pull yourself standing, and let go for a good five seconds before you landed splat on your bottom. Nate and I cheered loudly and you grinned your gummy little smile as wide as it could go. I counted four or five other times that you let go for a few seconds each time. You're clearly on your way.

You're getting to eat a lot of "our" food now and you're pleased as punch. Last night you got the filling from the sweet potato burritos, and you gummed some celery to death at a restaurant a few days ago. It really takes the pressure off, knowing I can shut you up feed your soul with food when I need to get something done or I just want to chat with another adult at the dinner table.

Is it bad that 2 out of the 3 photos I planned to use for this newsletter are of you stuffing some sort of sustenance in your mouth?

Corn: the best teething tool ever:

In sum: you're cute, you're cuddly, you're not a huge fan of playing on the ground, and you're still massively in love with Nate. You're growing, you're eating, and you spend almost every second of the day grinning, even when you're tired and whiny. I love you endlessly.


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