Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween cuteness

Jack, a few days before Halloween:

On the way to Nate's preschool:

See how they're gazing at each other?

Halloween was great. The weather was perfect - clear and mild. We joined forces with Nate's beloved Sophia, and their posse ushered them around the 'hood: me, Stewart, Sophia's mom, Sophia's aunt (neighbor), Sara & Ryan (neighbors), and Aunt Drebs (neighbor). I love having so many neighborhood friends who love and enjoy our kids!

Started out around 5:30 and tried to pick houses with people home. Nate was thrilled with each catch, running back to us yelling "So much candy!" and showing me his pumpkin every time. We got home and spilled his loot out on the ground to ooh and ahh over. When he's older, I'll continue my Dad's tradition and pay him $.05 for every small Reese's cup and $.10 for every big one. I let him pick two pieces to eat right then (he picked two lollipops) and we've been letting him have one after every meal since.

It was really his first sentient Halloween and it couldn't have gone better. We have such a great life.

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