Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jack walked!

Three days ago, Jack walked! I went into the kitchen with Nate to get something for him, and when I was walking back to the living room I saw Jack take two steps between the red couch and the recliner. One little one and then a regular one, at which point he paused, looked around at my clapping, smiled, and lowered himself to the ground to crawl to me.

The last few days I've been sitting on the floor and putting him a few feet in front of me. He staggers a step or two to fall into my arms and we do it again.

He regularly stands up without holding on to anything, often waving toys around frantically. The boy loves to flaps his hands, shake his toys, slap his hands on tables, pound the bat on the floor (or sometimes his head). If he wasn't so incredibly alert and engaged, I'd almost worry!

I looked around at him yesterday and he was standing in the middle of the dining room examining something in his hands, and I got a flash of him as a toddler. My baby's just about gone. Sniff. Guess it's time to have another. Ha!

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