Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fabulous CVS week

I didn't keep my receipts so I can't tell you to the penny, but here's how this week went at CVS. Remember that I use one account for me and one account for the husband. Also note that because the Right Guard wasn't printing out the ECBs until today, I got a gift card for the first 2 I bought ($14) and was still able to go ahead and get 10 today. I also spent $4.50 on Chanukah supplies that caught my eye - no coupons! Ack!

Price on everything before ECBs and coupons: $330.54 + aprox $5 in sales tax.

Net cost after ECBs and coupons: EARNED $30.77

  • Right Guard - pay $7.99, get 7 ecbs. I bought 12 and used 10 $1/manus and 2 $2/manus. Earned $2.12 on this portion.
  • Complete contact lens solution - pay $8.99, get $8.99 ecbs. I bought 10 and used 9 $2/manus. Earned $18 on this portion.
  • Maybelline makeup - pay $8.99, get $8.99 ecbs. I bought 4 and used 4 $3/manus. Earned $12 on this portion.
  • American Express gift cards - buy 3, get $10 ecbs. I bought 3 at a cost of $86.85 (including a service fee). I earned $10 ecbs and will send away for a $15 gas card. Counting the gas card, I earned $13.15 on this portion.
  • Crest - pay $3.49, get $3.49 ecbs. I bought the last 5 I was eligible for and used 5 $1/manus. Earned $5 on this portion.
  • Chanukah supplies - paid $4.50.
Have I said before how much I love CVS?

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