Monday, November 28, 2005


I wrote a long post yesterday, but it's disappeared into the ether. Probably for the best!

Nate slept 7 hours straight the last two nights. My boy is a super-star!

We finally got a few pictures of him smiling. Here's my favorite:

I'll post some more in the next newsletter. We took them at Eliza's two-year birthday party! Happy birthday, sweet girl.

The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment is over. I just don't have the energy to keep up with it anymore. I know I was saving money on diapers, but I swear I was spending at least as much doing the extra laundry that it took to clean the diapers and his clothing all the time! The cloth leaked like crazy, even with as careful as I was, and his clothes were always getting poopy. So, enough's enough. I gave it the two months I promised myself I'd give it, and I'm out.

The cloth-diaper websites promise that it's just as easy to use cloth as disposables. They're liars. First you have to fasten the cloth around the squirmy baby, and that's crazy. Then you have to put on the diaper cover, making sure it's snug all the way around without any diaper peeking out. If you try just putting the prefold diaper inside the cover, and fastening like a regular diaper, then there's a huge leak anytime the fluid gets a little heavy. And this boy can pee, so there's always plenty of fluid.

Now what do I do with the $75 credit at the cloth-diaper store?!?! :-)

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