Friday, November 4, 2005

Who's askin'?!?!

Could I ask a favor? I'm curious who's reading this blog, and if it's anybody besides my dear Mama. Could you post a "comment" and let me know who's there?



Anonymous said...


I read all the time...I have it saved in my favorites! :) I love reading about Nate b/c Kyla is doing the same things.

Plus I just love your it all thru your pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

I read you! :) ..allie from Dotti's.
I have my own blog at
Come visit me.

Anonymous said...

I check in every now and again too. Love your writing!

Tiffany (merlyn4401 from Dotti's)

laura said...

Hi Leah,

I read when I have a chance...whew!! Being a new mom leaves me few moments to myself. I am sure you understand ;-)


seaturtletattoo (Chantel) said...

I check in on occasion :)