Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Solving problems since 2005!

Stewart and I were talking about the 2-hour sleeps that Nate does all night. He suggested swaddling him again, and I told him about the failed swaddle experiment over the weekend. Nate gets his hands under the top half of the swaddle blanket, and ends up with the blanket over his head which is a) counterproductive and b) scary for Mama.

A lightbulb went off in my mind as we were talking - I bought Nate a larger sized swaddle blanket at BRU last time we were there. Stewart found it, and I swaddled him up, not expecting miracles. Does 11:30 pm to 4:10 am count as a miracle? You're darn tooting it does. And 4:30 to 7:30 doesn't hurt, either. If I'm that smart on so little sleep, I should be solving calculus problems today!

So I got some sleep, but I'm still breaking about 10 baby-training rules. He's depending on the swaddle, and he's sucking himself to sleep (either on me or on Paci) and often being rocked to sleep. He's also back to sleeping in our room. But I think Stewart's right - you do anything you have to do to get through the first 3 months, and then you start thinking long-term. Amen, hubby.

I'm treating myself with a long walk to the movies this morning! I don't know what they're showing at the Reel Moms showing, and I don't care. I'll see Friday the 13th if I have to. I'll have to keep my eyes closed the whole time, but I bet Nate will love it!


Newphew Kwak said...

Seeing as I'm no parent (yet) my words should mean nothing. Nonetheless, it sounds to me like the standard set of "baby-training rules" are kind of bunk. Dudes, it's a baby! Why is it bad for a baby to fall asleep while sucking? Why is it bad for a baby to fall asleep while swaddled? Because it will continue to do so? That's no answer. I'm 34, and I love to fall asleep in a bed that has lots of blankets on it, so I feel like I'm all smothered in heavy warmth. Yet I also am capable of wiping my ass, brushing my teeth, paying my taxes, eating semi-regular meals, washing semi-regular dishes, graduating from college, keeping a job, and putting clean napkins on the table whenever the Queen comes to dinner. So how did swaddling become seen as a problem? And that goes triple for having the baby sleep in the same room as yon parents. What the hell ever happened to traditional family values?

Newphew Kwak said...

In other words, kudos to Stewart. I suggest throwing those books away.