Friday, May 30, 2008

I heard a little voice calling

After I left CVS high on the thrill of my diaper deal, I realized I had about 15 minutes extra to kill before a doctor's appointment. A little voice in my head whispered to me to check out the CVS a few blocks away; I figured I could get some of the remaining Free After ECB deals for May.

When I walked in I saw a bunch of bins labeled 75% off - clearance. Usually these bins are crap, but I decided to give it a cursory look.


Round 1:

Braun ThermosScan Plus ear thermometer - $8 (retail: $44.90)
Psoriasis lotion - $2
Pens - $.50
Glue - $.50
Dry erase markers - $1.25
Four packages of Dimetapp for kids - $2
Subtotal cost: $14.25

Used $5 / CVS 15 coupon (not sure why this worked, but it did)
Used $5 random coupons peeled off of the Psoriasis lotion and the Dimetapp
Net cost: $4.78 with tax

Round 2:

Vicks ear thermometer - $10 (retail: $40 - $50)
Four packages of Sharpies - $5
Dry erase markers - $1
Subtotal cost: $16

Used $5 / 15 CVS coupon
Net cost: $11

I had wanted an ear thermometer but never could justify the cost. Now I have one to use and one to sell on eBay! Both rang up far under 75% off. Too bad there weren't more!

Does anyone have a recommendation on which thermometer I should keep?

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