Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun at CVS

Two transactions this week added up to great CVS savings.

Cost before ECBs and coupons: $22.66
Cost after ECBs and coupons: 99 cents!

  • The Buddies were $1.39 each - I had 2 coupons worth $5 off, leaving a cost of 1.95
  • The Ambi soap was $2.19 minus a CVS coupon for $2 off any Ambi skincare item
  • The Mentos were $1.69 each, on sale BOGO. I had eight coupons for $1 off, which actually helped negate the extra cost of the Buddies and the Ambi.

Cost before ECBs and coupons: $47.83
Cost after ECBs and coupons: EARNED $3.16 (after sales tax, I earned $2.30)

  • The Gillette shampoo was $4.99 and generating 3 ECBs. I used 3 coupons for $2 off, making them FREE
  • The OneTouch meter was $19.99 and I had a coupon for $20 off (needed this for a family member)
  • The Almay soaps were $.99 each, and part of a "Buy $10 of Almay, get 5 ECBs deal." I bought 11 of them and had seven coupons for $1 off. So I spent about $4 and earned $5 ECBs.
  • The Glade warmers were each $.99 and generating $2 ECBs. I earned $2 just by buying them!
I'll have a post up tomorrow on this week's Simple CVS deals. Check back soon!


Cent With Love said...

Sweet trips! I really need to get back into CVSing for h&b a bit more. I'm starting to run very low on items I bought last year. I went yesterday and got 8 2L and 3 12pks of Pepsi for just $1. Not too bad, though, huh?

Gretchen said...

So I'm totally frustrated with my CVS, and I drive a little further out to go to the bigger and better one. Anyway yesterday I go and I have my list, my coupons, my plan. When at the checkout I always do 2 transactions, the first being all the items that I will get EB back from. And then I use those EB right away on the next transaction. Well the guy was rushing me and when I went to the car and checked my receipt, sure enough I was missing the suave extra bucks. I go back to talk to the manager, who was ringing me up, and he totally dismisses me. It's so frustrating. Because the other CVS never has the items that earn the most EB back in stock. UGH! Sorry for the rant. :)