Friday, January 2, 2009

Harris Teeter January 1 - 7 - Triple Coupons!

It's triple coupon time at Harris Teeter again, and this time it's running for 4 days - the first through the fourth. I went last night to scope out the deals. There aren't a lot of opportunities to combine a good coupon with a good sale, but there are a few things worth mentioning:

Great / free deals:

* Pounce cat treats look to be $1.50 always, so you can use the $.75 coupon (12/7 RP) anytime. Last time I was at HT they didn't give overage, so there's no reason to waste the coupon during triples week. Just use it anytime for it to double.

* Arnold soft breads are on sale for $1.99. Combine with the $.55 coupon (10/12 SS) to get it for $.34! We don't use too much bread, but it's nice to have a few cheap loaves in the freezer to use when the need arises.

* Daisy sour cream (the large 16 oz ones) are on sale for $1.67. Combine with the $.60 coupon (11/16 SS) to get them for free!

* Muir Glen products - my favorite reason to hit the triples sales. I found the large 28 oz cans of organic diced tomatoes on sale for $2.50 (down from $2.69). Combine with the $.75 coupon (12/7 SS) to get each large can for $.25!! I bought nine. :)

* French's French Fried Onions are regularly priced $2.49 for the 2.8 oz size. Use the $.75 coupon (11/9 RP) to get it for $.24!

Good deals:

* Muir Glen soups. Gotta say that I'm not a big fan. They're organic and good for you but I don't like the few flavor choices and I think they're pretty bland. But if you like them, you can get them regularly priced at $2.99 - combined with the $.75 coupon (12/7 SS) to get each can of soup for $.74. That's a very cheap can of organic soup!

* Neither Spray 'n Wash nor Shout were on sale, but if you need them you can use the .75 SNW coupon (9/7 SS) or the $.75 Shout coupon (10/5 SS) to get them for less than a dollar each.

* Wholly Guacamole - got any of those $.50 coupons (9/14 SS) left? The one-packet size is regularly priced at $1.99, making them just $.49 after the coupon triples. I buy as many as I can and throw them in the freezer. Then when company (or a craving) makes a visit, we've got tasty munchies.

* Prego pasta sauce is on sale - 3 jars for $6. Use the $.75 off three coupon (10/5 SS) to get each jar for $1.25.

* Sure deodorant is regularly priced $2.50. Use the $.75 coupon (10/19 SS) to get it for $.25! I prefer to wait for them to be free at CVS, but that's a really great price for deodrant.

What else do you guys see out there?

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