Thursday, January 1, 2009

One down, one to go!

We officially have only one child in diapers. Nate was a rockstar and pulled a dry bed on his first night without a diaper.

I officially swear by this method of potty-training: wait until your kid is BEGGING you to use the potty, then wait another 2 weeks, and then "let" them. To get them out of diapers during naps, wait until they're adamant about not wanting to use a diaper, then make them use it for another 2 weeks, and then "let" them go without. Ditto for night-time diapers.

This has been the easiest process! Laziness wins the day!


Momrad Alison said...

Only one doing "number one" in their diaper. Love it! Congrats!!

Stephanie said...

I needed to read this. I am feeling "potty training peer pressure." I have not really started yet - but the looks I get when someone asks "HOw's potty training going?" and I say "Well we haven't really started yet..." Geez. I am going to forward this entry to my Mom too. She's feeling the same way I am...NOT ready...and since she is the daycare provider, she's onboard with me!

Anonymous said...

I know very few adults who wet themselves, so I'm pretty sure these things will take care of themselves with a little help. When your kid is ready to try, they'll let you know. I think Eliza was 3 or so before she really took an interest in it. I started doing my "Hooray" song for her whenver she went in the potty and she really liked that. It was pretty quick and painless. It'll happen, no worries. Good luck!

Cent With Love said...

Great method! I'm all for laziness :)