Monday, June 15, 2009

First day of camp!

Nate had his first day of camp today and it truly could not have gone better.

On the way over I talked to him about whether or not he wanted me to stay with him and he decided that he didn't (I planned to stick around for a bit regardless). We made our way to the community center and opened the door to the room - Nate shrunk against me and said really quickly "I want you to stay." It took about 4 minutes for him to start playing with the toys in the room and about 15 for him to peel off and hit the big, huge, fabulous playground. I tried to say goodbye but he was too interested in playing - I got a half-hearted hug before he tore off back to the swings.

And that was it! Camp was supposed to go until 5 but I headed over around 2:45 to check on him. He was crashed out sound asleep on his bedroll (they do rest time from 1:30 to 3). I let Jack play in the playground while I peeked in and watched the wonderful aide, Miss Raquel, gently try over and over to wake Nate up. She was so sweet and kind and ended up cradling him like a baby while he came back to life. Then they started Snack #2 and I went in and crashed the party. He was a little grumpy from having his nap aborted but couldn't have cared less about having his first full-day away from me. He's just tough as nails.

I'm thoroughly thrilled with the facility and the teachers. They are so kind and warm and genuinely happy to be there with the kids. The classroom is tiny but they have access to an enormous fenced-in playground and lots of other play areas. They take a field-trip every Monday, sometimes to a pool (with a kiddie pool). All of this for $100 for each two-week session! Thrilled.

Tomorrow I'll leave him until 4 and see how it goes. I feel so foot-loose and fancy-free!

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