Saturday, June 27, 2009


My family took a trip to King's Dominion, or occasionally another amusement park, at least once a year. It was a blast and it was one of the first traditions I planned for "when I have kids."

On Thursday my sister and I took Nate to Sesame Place for the first of what will surely be many trips to the amusement park.

There was much playing and running and climbing:

He's perfected his "camera smile" - here with Deborah on Big Birds Balloon Race:

He met super-heroes:

and was spoiled rotten by Aunt Deborah with large sugary treats:

We saw Big Bird marching next to the Big Bird float in the big parade:

and stood in his foot prints on the way out of the park:

Mom and Nate together before we left:

and Nate so tired on the way home that when we stopped for dinner he slept while I put him in the stroller and slept all the way through the meal. Tired boy:

Nate was pretty brave; he balked at the roller coaster and after Deborah and I rode it we were thrilled that he'd skipped it - it was pretty intense. He dove head-first into all the kid rides and recovered nicely from a scary experience on a waterslide. Next year he'll be a whole different kid and I think it'll be time for King's Dominion and all of the kiddie rides there. And the year after we'll bring Jack along for the fun!

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