Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny conversations

I've been jotting down funny things that Nate has said to me over the last year or so; I keep meaning to work them into a post. Seeing as how they're building up I thought I'd just make one post of them so I don't forget or lose them. Without further ado...

Ages ago, I asked Nate something about his brother; probably what he liked to do with Jack and he told me "I love him and I kiss him and I push him" which was about right, and still is.

Last week I was starting the bath, sitting on the edge of the tub, and watched Nate head into the hallway towards Jack. Sensing something, I peeked through the gap between the door and the wall and saw him take Jack's arm and push him backwards. I came around the door and growled "We do not push Jack" and Nate's started response was "But you didn't see me!" (My response? "I see everything.")

Another ages ago: Nate was asking for a snack and I asked him "What about Goldfish?" and he said "What about NO?"

Six months ago? We were driving home from Charlottesville and Nate was pointing everything out, like he always does. I usually respond with some nonsensical "Hi truck!" or "Hi house!" and this time I said the requisite "Hi star!" and had Nate respond "It's not a talking star, it's a night star!"

A few months ago Nate took Jack's ball away from him and I made him give it back. Nate told me "Then I don't love you anymore." I swallowed hard and casually told him "That's okay, I love you enough for both of us." Later we had a little talk about how words like that can make people feel sad and he told me "Well I still love you a little bit.

And lastly a not particularly funny but super-cute one:

Nate: "We all have jobs, right?"
Leah: "We do!"
Nate: "What's Daddy's job?"
Leah: "He helps people fix their computers. What's your job?"
Nate thinks for a while...
Nate: "My job is to be a good brother to Jack."
Leah: "Yes, and to be a good boy for us."
Nate: "What's Jack's job?"
Leah: "He's so little, he doesn't really have one yet."
Nate: "I know! His job is to take care of pink doll."

Is my kid the sweetest or what?

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