Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It starts already?

Nate asked "Why?" for the first time on Monday, and what instantly came out of my mouth was "Because I said so." And I meant it. Do it because I said it.

"Why?" came out of his mouth 49 times yesterday. I made a good effort to answer him 47 of those times. He actually responded very well to my explanations, and gave me a cheerful "Okay!"

Jack loves to grip fingers, hair, shirts, toys, whatever he can get his pudgy hands on. Yesterday I had to give him a bath in the afternoon due to an exorcist-level vomit. While he was laying there contentedly, he found something else he can get his hands on. For 10 minutes in the tub, my little son fondled himself.

Aren't they both precocious?

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emily said...

The "why"s get worse before they get better, but somehow we survive.

PS - I tagged you on my blog if you feel like participating. :)