Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The power of naps

Stewart figured out that Jack likes to sleep in the Boppy, like he did when he was an infant. All of a sudden, he naps. Over an hour. Sometimes close to two hours. I can't tell you how much saner my life has become.

Today while he took a morning nap, I:

Started a load of laundry
Moved it to the dryer
Started a second load of laundry
Emptied the dishwasher
Made dinner for tonight
Filled a bottle for tonight, got a sippy cup ready for Nate
Chopped up melons and strawberries for snacks this week
Filled the dishwasher
Boiled, cooled, and peeled a batch of hard-boiled eggs
Talked to my sister and my Dad
Organized Jack's new bottles
Took out the recycling
Wiped down the stove
Straightened up the living room / dining room
Paid bills
Did some planning for our weekend away
Wrote this blog entry.

And he's still asleep. Bless you, Jack.

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