Saturday, April 26, 2008


Things are really coming together here. I just put Jack down for a nap on his belly, and he went for it. It almost feels normal around here, instead of the scattered crazy skin-of-my-teeth life we've been living.

Jack takes two naps a day - one around 9:30 and one around 1:30. He's been doing it swaddled until today when he finally went along with a belly nap. Now that he can turn over, he's able to get out of the miracle blanket swaddle, so I'm trying to wean him off of it instead of re-doing it three times a night.

He goes to bed around 7:30. The last three nights, I haven't had to feed him until 1 am. Next feed at 4:30, and up around 7:30. Last night I had to plug the paci in around 10, but I'll work to get him off of that in a few days. After I get him sleeping straight until 1, I'll work on taking out that 4:30 feed. Lastly, the 1 a.m. wakeup. Sounds easy, right?

Actually, he's sleep-training very easily. He usually doesn't cry more than the first 5-minute cry, then I go in and plug the paci in and he's usually done. I'm being good about putting him in the crib sleepy but not sleeping, and he's doing just fine getting himself to sleep. On the few occasions I've really just let him cry, he's usually asleep after 10 minutes or so. I think we're really on the right track.

Of course Nate looks to be starting to get ready to think about giving his nap up, so I've taken to calling it "quiet time" and letting him bring some books to bed. I think he'll still fall asleep most days, but if he doesn't at least I can console myself with the fact that he's in his room and out of my hair.

Now, on to baby #3!

[cue hysterical laughter]

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