Monday, April 7, 2008

Nate's Monthly Newsletter, Two Years Seven Months

Dear Nate,

Another month with you, and it's so much more joy than it is trouble. You are such a delight to us.

You are up for almost anything. You help me fold laundry, throw things in the garbage for me, and your favorite is helping me cook. As soon as I go into the kitchen to start lunch or dinner, you run in and ask "Whatcha doin' Mama?" When I tell you that I'm cooking, you say "I want to watch you!" and drag your step-stool up to the counter.

Your help is mostly limited to eating everything I'm chopping up, since I won't let you deal with the stove or any sharp knives yet. But you definitely give it your all, eating peppers, onions, tofu, and broccoli almost as fast as I can cut it. When it's time to put things into bowls, you do almost all of the work pouring sauce or divvying out handfuls of beans or corn. I love involving you like this, and I know I can only dream that you'll always want to spend so much time with me.

I also think that helping me cook prepare food is one of the reasons you're such a fantastic eater. You regularly choose tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, cucumbers and broccoli over anything else on your plate. Yesterday you ate wheatberry salad with walnuts and cranberries, and today you scarfed down two plates of polenta with marinara sauce. I have no interest in keeping you away from ice cream and candy, and you eat your share. You eat everything, frankly.

You still have absolutely no interest in the potty, and only some interest in sleeping in your bed. The last few times we put you down to sleep in your bed, you quietly got out, took down a pillow, and fell asleep on the floor next to the bed. Odd boy. Bumper is still the love of your life, and when you share it with Jack I know how much you love him. Today Jack was lying on the floor and you came over, put Bumper down on top of him, and then tried to put his thumb in his mouth for him.

You are still a superstar with Jack, but I see trouble brewing. Today he reached out and grabbed a toy near you and you snatched it back so hard I was shocked. Mind you, you weren't even playing with that toy, but you were not going to let Jack have any part of it. This should be fun.

Looks to me like you're a pretty smart kid, and you're getting sharp at putting things together. You still resist being put down for a nap, and lately you've been balking at both TV and the bath. Finally occured to me that you know darn well that bath comes before TV which comes before BED. I think you're convinced that if you can avoid the bath and the TV, you can avoid bed. No such luck, sweetie.

We were shocked, impressed, and not a little embarrassed to discover your latest skill: if we hum the song to any of "your" TV shows, you can almost immediately identify the show. Hmmm...maybe you watch a tad too much TV. Your favorite shows, in rotating priority, are Backyardigans, Little Einsteins, Go Diego Go, Big Big World, and Little Bear. That could change at any time.

You're starting to understand "why?" and "because..." Tonight I asked you why you were saying "sorry" after time-out, and you said "because I want to get up time out." Not bad, honey. You've gotten awfully lean and skinny, and you're a monkey about climbing around. You don't take it too far, though - I never find you trying to climb a bookshelf or jumping out of your crib. You have pretty good judgment.

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You love me a lot these days, and when I go to leave the house without you I hear "I go with you, Mama!" It makes me glad that you want to be with me, and reassures me that with all of the hard times we go through, all of the time-outs, and my less-than-stellar Mom moments, we're doing okay.

I love you, Natey.

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