Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spoiled much?

At the grocery store today they were giving away posters of the first pitch thrown out at our new Nationals Stadium. It was a beautiful shot of the whole field, and I got one to bring home to Nate.

Got home, and told him that I'd brought him something. He came down the stairs saying "ooh, present!" He came to my side and together we unrolled the poster. I told him what it was while he looked it over. Then he turned to me and said "Where my present?"

I told him the poster was his present, and he got a totally miffed expression on his face. "Dat not a present! Dat not a present!" It was hard not to laugh. I laughed. He threw the poster down, and stepped on it a bit. I again failed to stop laughing. So did Stewart.

Through giggles, I told him that we say "thank you!" even if we don't like the present. He did not say "thank you."

Kinda can't blame him.

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