Thursday, December 18, 2008

Independence Day

Nate was always an old soul, but I'm a little surprised by how fast everything has gone. He's given up Mama or Mommy for Mom some of the time, and insists on being alone in the bathroom (though he still tries to spend most of the day naked). He's taken off all the railings on his bed and hasn't yet fallen out, and would prefer to do almost everything by himself. His favorite time of day is helping me with almost any project - carrying heavy things, taking out the trash, carrying in the groceries, cooking dinner, helping with Jack.

Stewart and I were going out to a party last night while Deborah stayed with the boys. I gave Nate my little talk about using his manners, and listening to Deborah, and I asked him to help her take care of Jack. He agreed and a few minutes proudly told me "If Jack starts crying, I'll help Deborah and I'll make him happy."

The kindness and goodness in his heart is just overwhelming to me.

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