Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking boy!

As I was writing Nate's last newsletter about blogging the important events in his life I realized I had entirely neglected to mention that Jack is walking! And if my addled memory cooperates, I think I even have dates for the big event.

For a while he would take one staggery step and fall into my arms; I don't really consider that walking. That went on for a month or so.

On November 24th I took him to the pediatrician in hopes that there was something fixable wrong with him that would explain the hellish previous 6 nights we'd had with him. Long story short, he was in perfect health. Drat. Anyway, while we were in the waiting room a cute little girl held out a red block to him and my sweet potato took 19 little steps across the room to her. So cute.

About 4 days ago, he graduated from the side-to-side shuffle to more of a forward step - he's getting downright confidant. Tonight I watched him step over the large threshold into the kitchen without falling down.

My big boy!

Oh, he also had his first lollipop. He was crying hysterically in the back of the car, rare for him - he usually travels wonderfully. But he was overtired and so was I, so I stuck a sacred DumDum in his mouth and the crying stopped the instant the lollipop hit his tongue. Love at first taste.

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