Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My sweet boy

I'm teaching Nate to go to the bathroom by himself at night without calling for me; we're down to our last 5 night-time diapers and I figure we'll give it a shot without them. He's been without diapers during the day forever now, and I've been skipping diapers during naptime with no problem, so I figure the night-time will go pretty smoothly. Tonight's our first night going cold-turkey.

About a half hour ago, I heard him leave his room and use the bathroom but I realized he was just lingering at the top of the stairs instead of going back to his room. I headed up and walked him back to his bed, we talked for a few minutes and I tucked him back in.

As I was pulling the blanket up, I heard him say something. When I questioned him, he told me he was just talking to Bumper. I asked if he loved Bumper and he said yes. He said "I hug him like this" and he showed me how he'd tucked Bumper underneath him. Then he said "I take care of him...I protect him."

Happy New Year, everyone.

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