Friday, December 19, 2008


There is nothing sadder than hearing your baby cough and moan while he's sleeping (fitfully).

Jack's been as sick as he's ever been this past week: fever, cough, the runniest nose I've ever experienced. He's also been the saddest I've ever seen him: clingy, crabby, needy. He tried to maintain good humor, often smiling through the tears, but he was truly feeling awful. You could see it just looking at him, with his red-rimmed eyes and sad face. He's been so weak that he can't even walk very far without collapsing, sending him into fresh fits of weeping. Here's the epitome of sick for Jack: he was refusing both bottles and food. It's been hard for him to sleep because the ear infection hurt, and the congested nose meant he couldn't breathe well or suck a pacifier, so he's been extra-cranky from being so tired. A big mess.

Diagnosis: ear infection and RSV. Initially scared me to death what with all the frightening commercials about infants and RSV. Turns out that it is scary if you have an infant with RSV, but not if you have a hearty and healthy one year-old. Then it's just a cold. A really bad cold with a fever. When I was leaving the doctor on Wednesday the super-cute receptionist said "It wasn't positive for RSV, right?" and when I said it was positive she said "Oh god, you're going to have a long week." Truth in advertising!

But the fever finally broke last night and he got some sleep for a change. When he woke up at 3 am and Stewart brought him a bottle he lunged at it, drank it down, and slept the rest of the night. He was still cranky as heck this morning but he ate a hearty lunch for a change and was in much better spirits afterwards.

All I could think about all week were the parents of really sick kids. Being honest, it brought me to tears several times seeing him so miserable and out-of-sorts. I know I could do it if I had to, but the thought of watching him face something really serious, really scary, makes my heart clench. I'd do anything to make sure my kids stay safe.

From my lips to God's ears, right?

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