Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another two reasons to love Trader Joes

Two more of my favorites:

A full pound of organic raisins for $2.69. They're great snacks for the kids; I throw them on cereal and into trail mix and keep a little baggie in my purse for those times the kids are hungry when we're out of the house. Fabulous.

Veggie dogs, which I find totally completely inedible, are a reliable fast meal for the kids who somehow adore them. I roll them up in a whole wheat tortilla for lunches and just cut up in pieces for Jack. Good protein, good for their bodies, no animal products, and buying them at the regular grocery store was sending us to the poorhouse at $4.39 per pack. At Trader Joes they're $2.99 a pack and freeze beautifully - I just pull out a pack whenever one's used up and keep in the fridge overnight. In the morning I have another set ready to go. Voila.

Another two reasons why Trader Joes rocks. Stay tuned for more fascinating posts soon.

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