Sunday, July 5, 2009


Got back from a nice weekend away to find a nice harvest waiting for us:

Most turned into dinner tonight; the rest became lunch for tomorrow.

For dinner tonight I sliced the tomatoes and just put a little salt and basil from the garden on top. Sliced the cucumber and carrots for dipping in hummus. Boiled water for corn (brought home from Charlottesville this weekend) and dropped the purple and green beans near the end - served the corn and beans with a little butter and salt. Delicious dinner.

Check back tomorrow for a post on what became lunch!


Steph said...

What kind of flavor do the purple beans have? They have such great color, I'm thinking they'd be great in a tri-color type of salad.

Leah said...

Steph, sorry to take so long to respond to your nice comment! Unfortunately when cooked the purple beans turn regular-old GREEN. :-)